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FAQ about The Green Fuels

What is Green fuel answer?

Green fuel, also known as biofuel, is a type of fuel distilled from plants and animal materials, believed by some to be more environmentally friendly than the widely-used fossil fuels that power most of the world.

What are green fuels?

Green fuels also called green hydrocarbons, biofuels, are fuel produced from biomass sources through a variety of biological and thermochemical processes. These products are similar to petroleum gasoline and diesel fuels and are therefore considered fully infrastructure compatible fuels.

Which fuel is the greenest fuel?

The main four types of fuel -- coal, hydrocarbons (natural gas and petroleum), nuclear, and renewable energy -- have all helped power our world. What about the “fifth fuel”? Energy efficiency is the fifth fuel and is the greenest and most cost-effective of the five.

What is the example of green fuel?

Renewable Fuels are fuels produced from renewable resources. Examples include: biofuels (e.g. Vegetable oil used as fuel, ethanol, methanol from clean energy and carbon dioxide or biomass, and biodiesel) and Hydrogen fuel (when produced with renewable processes).