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What impact did Sam Houston have on Texas?

Houston settled in Texas in 1832. After the Battle of Gonzales, he helped organize Texas's provisional government and was selected as the top-ranking official in the Texian Army. He led the Texan Army to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle in Texas's war for independence against Mexico.

Is Houston named after Sam Houston?

Houston was formed when the Allen brothers acquired a tract of land on Buffalo Bayou near the former town of Harrisburg. The brothers named the town Houston after Sam Houston in hopes of him choosing the town as the capital.

Why is Sam Houston so important?

Sam Houston had arrived in Texas, almost thirty years prior, in 1832. The former congressman and governor of Tennessee's new cause was Texas independence. He led the army that defeated Mexican General Santa Anna at San Jacinto—an achievement that secured his place in Texas history.

Did Sam Houston died at the Alamo?

Alamo co-commander James Bowie's freedman, Sam, was also spared, although it is not known if he participated in the fighting.